The one cleaner concept of either KC 1000 or ECO 2000 not only saves money, but also cuts labor costs by 50%.  Either one of these two amazing cleaners replace grill cleaners, surface cleaners, fryer boil-out, floor and carpet cleaners, wax strippers, coffee urn cleaners, silver soak and bathroom cleaners. 

  Some benefits of using KC 1000 and ECO 2000:

* 80% savings in cleaner cost  * 50% savings in labor costs  * elimination of toxic cleaners  * 50% reduction in laundry costs  * control of cleaner inventory  * eliminates plumbing backups  * eliminates bad odors  * repels insects  * excellent carpet spot removal  * maintains clean tile grout  * cut grill cleaning time in half  * maintain floors, walls, restaurant equipment  * eliminates the need for stainless steel polish  * simple to use

Color-coded, permanently labeled spray bottles  with mixing lines that take the guesswork out of mixing our concentrate and laminated instruction posters remind staff of all of the many uses of this cleaner in your restaurant. 

Surfaces that cannot be heated to aid in cleaning, are cleaned most effectively with KC’s Citrus. This all-natural citrus oil cleaner rips through the polymerization in kitchen equipment.  Another use for KC’s Citrus is mastic removal and graffiti cleanup.

Below are products recommended for use in restaurant services:

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