Automatic smokehouse cleaning systems and power washing equipment reduce manual cleaning chores, but a certain amount of manual cleaning is required in every processing plant.  KC’s SLAVE  eliminates employee exposure to hazardous chemicals by 100% and replaces caustic cleaners that are used in power wash equipment and spray hoses without sacrificing performance of cleaning specifications.  Currently, this product not only replaces cleaning chemicals, but when added to the water tanks in air pollution control systems, allowing them to run at peak performance.

 Some benefits of using KC’s SLAVE:

 * 80% savings in cleaner cost    * 50% savings in labor costs  * elimination of toxic cleaners 

* control of cleaner inventory   * eliminates plumbing backups  * eliminates bad odors  * repels insects 

* maintains clean tile grout  * maintain floors, walls, smokehouse equipment

* eliminates the need for stainless steel polish  * simple to use


KC’s SLAVE used as a dip tank solution, eliminates baked on grease, flavoring splatters, black carbon marks and food residue on meat hooks and other smokehouse hanging equipment and racks without scrubbing and manual labor! 

Below are products recommended for smoke houses:

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